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Construction Management Services S.A offre des services professionnels qui sont adaptés en fonction de la taille et de la complexité de chaque projet pour parvenir à une qualité de gestion totale.


Construction Management Services

presentationConstruction Management Services S.A helps the customer to manage all risks and uncertainties in connection with his building project.

Construction Management Services S.A has earned an excellent reputation in this field, directing our selection criteria and the whole of our activities.

Thanks to the experience of our members in major projects of real estate development, Construction Management Services S.A can offer his clients a unique service of integrated management with regard to the several steps, determined by the development, construction and delivery of a building.

In this way, the building owner is not all on his own when facing the several interveners, he can count on a dynamic and qualified team at his disposal, giving him an outstanding service for the execution of all tasks involved during his building project.


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